Technical Series

A byproduct of assembling ACT Festival’s impressive spectrum of multidisciplinary practices is that it also brings together the minds behind many popular tools and creative frameworks. While the creators of openFrameworks (Zach Lieberman), and Clojure’s library and Processing’s computational design toolkit toxilibs (Karsten Schmidt) will speak to their tools in other sessions featured in the program, it would be beneficial to shine the spotlight on some of the other featured toolmakers. From the design of vector graphics that run in modern web browsers with PaperJS, to aiding the calibration of projectors illuminating ‘spatial artworks’ with Rulr, to generating complex graphics in real-time with the powerful visual programming language TouchDesigner – these talks will provide simple ‘beginner friendly’ overviews of three innovative and exciting tools directly from their creators.


Paper.js (Jürg Lehni)

“The Swiss Army Knife of vector graphics scripting”


Rulr (Elliot Woods)

“A Digital Emulsion Toolkit”


TouchDesigner (Markus Heckmann)

“A high performance playground for blending media in infinitely customizable ways”

Feature image: A mass of inputs and outputs, this patch is typical of the workspaces of Derivative’s TouchDesigner, which is a visual rather than text-based programming environment.