Tacit Group is an audiovisual performance group established in 2008 with the vision of incorporating various disciplines like electro-acoustic music, contemporary visual art, literature into their work. The collective is influenced by digital technology and and explore interactive installation, electroacoustic music, algorithmic composition, real-time projection mapping, computer graphics, and algorithmic art.

At ACT Festival Tacit Group will performance a number of their most well known works. Organ presents a graphic world that grains of sounds ‘live’ in and occupy; they interact with each other by moving, congregating, and scattering and generate sounds and graphics. In Drumming they recreate Steve Reich’s famous piece of the same name in a unique style; while the original piece is for percussion and voice, Tacit Group has reimagined it with electronic sounds and visualized the score in geometrical way. Hun-min-jeong-ak is inspired by the fact Korean letters are based on the sounds of Korean language and drawing on this principle, a system has been developing for improvising by typing letters and words – that are translated into corresponding sounds. System 2 is a human-computer collaboration where performers initiate rhythm patterns using a text-based interface, and software manipulate them them using various algorithms such as fractals and beta functions. Finally, Six Pacmen is a work of art made by utilizing the videogame Pac-man (1980) and Steve Reich’s composition Six Pianos (1973) where six performers simultaneously play a (custom) Pac-man game and each ‘level’ is a movement.