Spatial Arithmetic

While the ability to synthesize images detached from the physical world has been liberating, immateriality and ephemerality came at a price: a lack of spatial consideration and focus on surface rather than volume. Intricate kinetics, high precision mapping, complex emergent behaviours – as we control light and matter with equal measure, the most interesting post-digital images manifest when they interface with space. What are the challenges of crafting this seamless interplay? What expertise and experience are required to take charge of light, sound, space, and material – quantifying them, ‘computing’ them, engineering them – to yield incredible multisensory experiences? Four artists from ACT Festival’s exhibition and performance program weigh in on the state of (and future of) spatial arithmetic.


Joanie Lemercier

A French artist primarily focused on projections of light in space and its influence on our perception


Mimi Son & Elliot Woods

Principals at Kimchi and Chips, a Seoul-based creative studio known for developing new technical and artistic paradigms


Joachim Sauter

Co-founder of the Berlin-based studio ART+COM, who develop new media installations and spaces

Feature image: A visualization of the path of each pixel ray travelling through space in Kimchi & Chips Light Barrier (2014), which uses concave mirrors and projection to create volumetric luminescent forms.