Space, Media, Material

Illusive illuminations, machine gestures with a human touch, stretched time-lapse views suspended in mid-air – ACT Festival’s exhibition demonstrates how the creative deployment of new technologies overrides our preconceptions of space, media, and material. If tools and methodologies are in constant flux however, can skills still be honed to mastery? If ‘new making’ has the capacity to fuse the physical with the digital, what are the fault lines that run between them? And if making truly begins in the mind’s eye how do prevalent experimentation and uncertain ‘tektonics’ change how ideas are born? We’ll engage with four of the exhibiting artists to hear their views.

Panel discussion presented and chaired by Alexander Scholz

Els Vermang

Member of LAb[au], an artist trio exploring contemporary aesthetics with algorithmic logic / exhibition: m0za1que 4x4x4 (2013)

Jürg Lehni

Swiss artist, designer, and educator whose machines are both tool and art / exhibition: Otto (2015) and Empty Words (2008)

Mimi Son

One half of Kimchi and Chips, a Seoul-based studio that programs light and matter / exhibition: 438 Lines second edition (2015)

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Japanese media artist fusing time-lapse photography and sculpture / exhibition: Layer Drawing – the Tactual Sky (2013)

Feature image: Not quite a m0za1que yet – a 2012 version of LAb[au]’s kinetic light installation reveals its raw material innards during set up. m0za1que 4x4x4, the latest iteration, is on view in ACT Festival’s exhibition.