Propositions for alternative art and technology education / Taeyoon Choi


Open source, Maker movement, S.T.E.M and software education share emphasis on empowerment through technology and skills. What are the ethical and aesthetic issues that are less obvious in the mainstream trends? Diversity in gender and race, and the issues of accessibility across physical, psychological and economic divides are few of the pressing issues. As artists, activists and creative practitioners, what is the world we want to see and how can we make it?

Join the discussion and brainstorm for alternative art and technology education.


– Your sketchbook, computer (for typing), drawing/sketching material (we’ll have some available but if you prefer to use your own – bring it)


Korean / English

Duration: 1-Day

Photo by Taeyoon Choi from p5.js Contributors Conference at Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University, May 25-31 2015