Plastic Myths

Plastic Myths starts with the question how Asia was invented. For over two centuries following the Industrial Revolution and the rise of Capitalism, Asia existed as the non-Western ‘other’. Very few similarities are shared among Asias in terms of identity, besides geopolitical proximity; each ‘smaller Asia’ has a unique blend of religion and folk belief, ethnicity and societal idiosyncrasy. Cultural heterogeneity is an important characteristic to the concept of Asia, the ethnic category, which carries the implicit heterogeneity of the region. Plastic Myths is an exhibition-cum-live event that asks the question ‘how was Asia invented?’ to gather the plurality of Asia’s myths, or rather the ‘smaller Asias’ into one place.

Plastic Myths looks to myths not only as stories of the past, but also as an observation of the ‘here and now’ that continues to change into different ‘futures’. If we were to define myths as an oral tradition of natural or societal origins told by those within the tradition for the purpose of explaining the present, the same question applies to 2015. What perspectives do our present myths hold to the individuals and the society as a whole? This would be the origins of future mythologies that concur in Asia and extend to the wider world.

The exhibition space consists of 30 individual cells that are independent and simultaneously convergent in what they achieve. Here there is no Asia bundled into a melting-pot and objectified by the other’s gaze. Here is the current status of diverse Asias, unafraid to criticize ethnocentrism and squaring up with the inherent contradictions of Asia’s modernity, presenting layers upon layers of aesthetics. Asia’s contemporary aesthetics are a living community, and the stories they tell are myths not only of the future of Asia, but of the world.

Curator: Ji Yoon Yang
Assistant Curators: Known Yu Jung, Sun A Moon
Artists on view: Eunji Cho, Hong Soun, Ryo Ikeshiro, Interaction Sound Lab (Byungjun Kwon, Geunchae Kim, Youjin Jeon), Kang Young Mean, Kang, Soyoung Liilliil, Inbai Kim, So Young Kim+Sookyun Yang, Yunchul Kim, Klega, Dinh Q. Lê, Byungchan Lee, Wan Lee, Ye Seung Lee, Youngho Lee, Oksang Lim, Nagi Noda, Marc Oosting, Sascha Pohle, The Bite Back Movement (Seung Youn Lee + Alexander Augustus), Transmedia Lab(Earl Park, Sookhyun Yang, Taiyun Kim, Jihyun Yoon), Tuan Mami , Vakki, Wong Lip Chin, Xu Zhen (Produced By Madein Company), Lu Yang,  Yangachi, Anicka Yi, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries+Takuji Kogo