Plastic Myths

Plastic Myths starts with the question how Asia was invented. For over two centuries following the Industrial Revolution and the rise of Capitalism, Asia existed as the non-Western ‘other’. Very few similarities are shared among Asias in terms of identity, besides geopolitical proximity; each ‘smaller Asia’ has a unique blend of religion and folk belief, ethnicity and societal idiosyncrasy. Cultural heterogeneity is an important characteristic to the concept of Asia, the ethnic category, which carries the implicit heterogeneity of the region. Plastic Myths is an exhibition-cum-live event that asks the question ‘how was Asia invented?’ to gather the plurality of Asia’s myths, or rather the ‘smaller Asias’ into one place.

Ji Yoon Yang, the curator will talk about her thoughts on Asias and Asian Mythologies through making Plastic Myths. The talks related to various happenings and thoughts on the way directing and the exhibition Plastic Myths and Live Events are unfolded honestly and openly.

Feature image: Space 2 – Plastic Myths Exhibition – Construction