Phone in hand we can / Diana Band


More and more people uses smartphones in their daily life. In other words, more and more smartphones are becoming most precious items in everyone’s inventory.

The fact that we use them more intensively is just OK. Technology. Better life, maybe. But the second fact that we only try to keep it ‘as is’, ‘preciously’, is not good enough. We are merely becoming more dependent to the entities who have control over it. For instance, telecommunication company, smartphone makers etc., they have direct relationship with smartphones and standing on that relationship above us.

What if we try to build up our own relationship with smartphones? Actually, smartphones are really great. They are aggregate of state-of-the-art technologies. They have motion sensors like spacecrafts and GPS communication capability to real satellites in the space. They are computers which is same as the desktop PCs, functionally. But they are more talented in networking and community making, since they can do GMS, CDMA, WIFI, NFC, RFID, QR recognition and face recognition and so on.

In this workshop, we would like to present a few cases to use smart phones as expressive tools of individuals. You will build up ‘sound gun objects’ using your own smartphone. It shall have of course mechanical firing button, too! Make it to have a look of a real gun! We will offer our open source software to help you on the way.

And we also want to do something all together. This one is making a ‘networked mega-phone’ with smartphones of everybody.

After this, we go outside for a walk like ‘gangsters in the town’, accompanied by everybody’s sound guns.


– Participants should bring their own smartphone. (Android 4.0 and up / iOS 5.1.1 or later)
– Please bring your cell phone battery charger, too


Korean / English (support)

Duration: 1-Day