Nodes and Networks

Visionary projects and collaborations can happen in isolation, but they are a lot more likely to flourish when bolstered by supporting infrastructure. From festivals commissioning and producing the works showcased in their programming, to funders, to the experts that are brought on to help projects be delivered in time and on budget, work produced for the festival and gallery circuit has dozens of stakeholders. Given these complex realities, how can artists, curators, and cultural programmers collaborate most effectively – what works best, what are the problems, and what are the opportunities? Furthermore, what potential is there in South Korea (and throughout Asia) to cultivate relationships with international organizations, promote regional artists abroad, and lead in innovation at the intersection of art, design, and technology.


Ana Ascencio

Artistic program and production at Geneva’s Mapping Festival


Ellen Pau

Founder and curator of Microwave, Hong Kong’s “international new media arts festival”


Cédric Huchet

Media Arts Director at Stereolux, and Scopitone Festival in Nantes


Juliette Bibasse

Head of production at Studio Joanie Lemercier and ATK! collective


Panel Discussion

Ana Ascencio leads the group in a follow-up conversation on cultural production

Feature image: Viewers inspect and engage Philip Beesley’s kinetic installation Aerial Well Study at the 2014 edition of the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival in Hong Kong.