New Cultural Narratives

If a picture is worth a thousand words than what is the narrative potential of an art or design project? How can art and creative experiments become platforms for telling complex stories about time, space, or social realities? While mediums like documentary or literature have established guidelines and ‘best practices’ for how they can communicate stories, other mediums – sculpture, interactive installation, or even websites – are a little more open ended. In many ways, the process of an artist or designer ‘coming into their own’ as their practice matures is their figuring out how to construct narratives with their work and, more importantly, what themes they’d like to communicate or explore.


Jongwoo Park

Freelance photojournalist with a focus on the plight of ethnic people and vanishing cultures


Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Osaka-based mixed-media sculptor fascinated by spatial change and the infinite flow of time



Choreographer and Directory of ELEVENPLAY, collaborator with Perfume and Rhizomatiks


Ilona Gaynor

Founder of the research studio The Department of No. and an artist, writer and filmmaker


Roel Wouters

Director in the field of interaction, media design, and film at the Amsterdam-based studio Moniker

Feature image: Illona Gaynor’s Everything Ends in Chaos. In her 2001 project, Illona reverse-engineered a fictional global financial collapse with objects, texts, and films “in ways that are cinematic, but that narrative film disallows.”