Media Discourses in the Post-digital Age and
the Current State of Media Art in Korea

The Media Discourse Research Lab is hosting ACT Forum to celebrate the opening of the ACT Center at the Asia Culture Center and provide an opportunity to investigate relevant issues in the current media discourses. The forum examines the discursive trend and theoretical orientation in Korea, which is encountering the post-digital age after the formulation of media discourse in the West. It also investigates the trends in Korean media art correspond to the theoretical reflections. In particular, the forum intends to understand the peculiar properties of the Korean media discourses that are distinguished from the Western discourses. The characteristics of Korean media art and its relationship to the general trend of contemporary art are also the focus of the forum, which involves an investigation of their background and the process of development.

Korean media art has been developing with a number of difficulties that include the underdeveloped production environment and lack of understanding in technology-media. It is different from Nam June Paik’s practice that has established its conceptual foundation through active engagement in the international scene. Thus, there has not been a thorough reflection on media art in Korea, ranging from works by 1.5 generation artists to those by the current generation of artists. Under this context, the Media Discourse Research Lab organized the ACT Forum based on the issues that had been discussed in the interdisciplinary seminar titled ACT Seminar since August. Comprised of five presentations by academics, a media artist, and a director of a media art festival, the forum will provide different perspectives on the subject of media discourses and the current state of Korean media art.

Host / Media Discourse Research Lab
Hearyun Shim(ACT Fellow), Heahyun Cheon(ACT Creator/Researcher), Wonjoon Yoo(ACT Creator/Researcher)


Hearyun Shim

ACT Fellow, Media Discourse Research Lab; Professor of Science Studies, Chonbuk National University


Seongjae Kim

Professor of Journalism and Communications, Chosun University


Wonkon Yi

Professor of Western Painting, Dankook University


Keunbyung Yook



Yeunho Kim Jang

Executive Director of Seoul International NewMedia Festival(NeMaf)


Panel Discussion

Moderator: Heahyun Cheon / ACT Creator/Researcher, Media Discourse Research Lab; media theorist and art critic