Make DIY musical instruments with OTOTO / Yuri Suzuki and Sam Conran


For this workshop Yuri and Sam will take on a journey of building your own music instruments by combining sensors with different actions and environments. The final outcome should be a finished product, a musical instrument. Once your product is finished it will be photographed and filmed and uploaded to their online archive, where it will join other projects and be seen by the public.

The core of the kit is the PCB synthesiser which works as a musical keyboard straight out the box. By using crocodile clips you can connect the board to conductive materials which will then trigger sounds. The sound can also be changed by connecting electronic components to the four onboard sensor inputs. For example you can easily build a light theremin by connecting a light sensor to control the pitch.


– Basic experience of connecting electronics not necessary but welcome, participants should bring some conductive materials.


English / Korean (support)

Duration: 1-Day