Idea Factories

Multidisciplinary university programs, startup incubators, corporate artist-in-residence programs, festival programming that unites various stakeholders, even co-working spaces – there are an increasing number of formal and informal venues for collaboration popping up. Sometimes these spaces occur by happenstance, what Brian Eno refers to as ‘scenius’ – where dynamic communities emerge and produce new ways of thinking; in other other cases these ‘idea factories’ are designed from the ground up, such as ACT Center’s residency and fellowship programs. What are the benefits to artists who are able to work in spaces like this, and what are the implications for their practices? Furthermore, if an organization wants to create programs that facilitate transdisiplinary collaboration, how should they design them?


Alexey Shcherbina
& Alexandra Berkovich

MIGZ, Moscow’s festival of music and media art


Yoojin Lee

Research professor at X medialab (Ewha Woman’s University)


Alain Bellet

Associate Professor, Media & Interaction Design Program (ECAL)


Christopher Coleman

Associate Professor and Director of Emergent Digital Practices (University of Denver)

Featured image: Festivals as idea factories – organized by MIGZ, Swiss design studio hosted a workshop within the educational program of Moscow’s Circle of Light 2015.