Experiments in time and space / Ralf Baecker


A digital universe – whether 5 kilobytes or the entire Internet – consists of two species of bits: differences in space, and differences in time. Digital computers translate between these two forms of information – structure and sequence – according to definite rules. – George Dyson, from Turing’s Cathedral

The workshop deals with the entanglements of the virtual and the real (world). What is the relation between formal/algorithmic actions, taking place inside a computer, and its underlying physical conditions? The first part of the workshop will give a short introduction into the mathematical history of computation and an overview of the physical or mechanical genesis of the digital:
How does the inner life of a machine look like? How do machines communicate, store and process information? What does it mean to make those hidden structures visible and tangible?

The workshop offers an artistic investigation of the fundamentals of information technology. We will dig deep into the matter of computation and search for absurd, playful and poetic solutions of general problems. The introduction is accompanied with detailed examples of Ralf’s own artistic practice.

After this more theoretical phase, the participants start to sketch their own hybrid machines that explore the relation on the physical and the imaginary.


– The participants should bring their laptop and their sketchbooks or paper and pencils.


English / Korean (support)

Duration: 1-Day