Cultural Probes

The line where pop culture ends and the art world begins used to be clear, now it’s a little fuzzier. Some artists’ entire practice is based on questioning this boundary and they irreverently reconstitute the rules and rituals we live by. So, how exactly does their work function as mirror, and what can we learn about culture by studying the ‘reflections’ we encounter? Drawing on some truly singular practices, this session will present projects and techniques that thoughtfully, incisively, and at times sardonically re-present the world around us in new and provocative ways.


Kensuke Sembo

One half of exonemo, a Tokyo-based artist group focused on the paradoxes of computing


Thomas Thwaites

A London-based speculative designer interested in how science and technology shape culture


Panel Discussion

Régine Debatty leads the group in a follow-up conversation on ‘art as cultural commentary’

Feature image: Nam June Paik’s iconic TV Buddha (1974) sits absorbed in mediated self-reflection. During the subsequent “Projekt 74” exhibition in Cologne, Paik sat in within the work, in place of the Buddha.