Cross Sections

Films, novels, installations, interactive works – the mediums we encounter on a daily basis are ciphers that we use to read and consider the world around us; artists know this, curators know this, and we – as viewers – know this. If art and design have the power to expose and illuminate cultural and social processes, then what do responsibilities do we have when we look at and respond to a creative work? Beyond how we encounter individual pieces, what purpose do more large scale collections of work such as festivals or exhibitions serve in shaping how we view culture?


Kyong Park

Professor at University of California, San Diego; Imagining New Eurasia Project; Introduction by Jihoi Lee, Curator – Imagining New Eurasia Project


Emiko Ogawa

Linz-based curator at Ars Electronica;
member of h.o(hdoto) artist collective


Namhee Park

Curator and ACT Asian Crafts-Techs Research Lab Fellow

Feature image: Zoomed-in views, like this cross-section of a Taiwan Red Pine stem are easy to set up in a lab environment – putting cultural artifacts ‘under the microscope’ to reveal their structure is much more difficult. (photo: 石川 Shihchuan)