Creators in Residence Show and Tell

Meet ACT’s inaugural round of ‘Creators in Lab’, the center’s very own residency program, as they share past work and projects currently in production at the center. Selected from 356 applicants from forty-four different countries, the cohort demonstrate ingenuity and range. From interaction and installation, to film, sound, and performance, to digital fabrication and device development – as ‘Creators in Lab’ work with a variety of media and fluidly move across disciplines, they explore ‘new making’ every day.

‘Creators in Lab’ is a unique residency program for multidisciplinary professionals, their fields span visual arts, new media, sound, design, craft, architecture and technology, encouraging them to develop projects at the intersection of arts and creative industries, and to expand the boundaries of creativity. As ‘ACT Creators’, the participants will be supported to work on projects (research and creation) using the infrastructure of the ACT Center.



Jin-Yo Mok and Filip Visnjic introduce the lecture series by ACT’s creators in residence


Yunchul Kim

Berlin, Vienna, and Seoul-based electroacoustic composer and installation artist


Sascha Pohle

Artist working with and reinterpreting film and art historical references


Ye Seung Lee

Media artist developing interactive installations, media facade and site-specific works


Ryo Ikeshiro

UK-based artist working in audiovisual performance and interactive installation


Youngho Lee

Berlin and Seoul-based artist that reconstructs and remixes history


Wan Lee

An artist exploring the relationships between social systems and individuals



An artist drawing on the use of found objects, often animating them to make narratives


Eunji Cho

Artist, performer, and videographer inspired by and working with urbanism

Featured image: ACT Center’s creators brainstorming session