Intersections of Creative Practice

The cliché of the artist who spends every waking moment in their studio does not reflect reality for many creatives. Artists and designers are often also educators, instigators, entrepreneurs, curators, connectors, writers, and researchers – sometimes due to economic necessity, but often due to choice. In organizing workshops, running commercial side projects, writing theory or for a general audience, building bridges between communities, and pursuing other interests, artists are conducting what famed educator Christopher Frayling described as research “into, through, and for art and design,” that not only benefits their practices but their discipline. So, if artists working across fields and communities is the ‘new normal,’ how can artists bring the methodologies and perspectives from different domains into their work?


Taeyoon Choi

New York and Seoul-based artist and educator; co-founder of the School for Poetic computation


Laleh Mehran

Media artist and Associate Professor at Emergent Digital Practices (University of Denver)


Golan Levin

Media artist and Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon; Director of the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Feature image: Taeyoon Choi’s 8 Bit RAM presents a schematic and his musing on random access memory – “People like to use a mailbox metaphor to describe RAM … maybe a better analogy is a parking lot with only one entrance/exit.”