A Day with Thymio, a playful robot / Alain Bellet


This workshop teaches you about simple robotic programming using a little educational robot called Thymio.

During the workshop the participants will have the opportunity to get to know Thymio, the way he senses the world around him, the way he communicates, moves etc. The workshop includes also an introduction to the programming language and interface used to make custom programs for Thymio.

Participants will explore the Thymio’s abundant capabilities, and use it to realize a fun project that will be presented as a performance at the end of the day.

Each participant will be provided with a Thymio Robot in order to develop this project.

Thymio is an affordable educational robot. It provides three main features: a large number of sensors and actuators, an educative interactivity based on light and touch and a programming environment featuring graphical and text programming. Thymio Robot has been developed in Switzerland in collaboration between the Swiss Federal institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Art and Design, Lausanne (ECAL).



– In order to write and build custom programs for Thymio you will need a laptop computer running MacOS, Windows or Linux
– Install a specific Software to be able to program, the behaviour of the robot.
– Programming knowledge is not mandatory as a visual programming interface is also available.


English / Korean (support)

Duration: 1-Day