1nput 0utput : sensuous transforming of 0 | 1 signal / PROTOROOM


How do we interact with technology?
How do we understand the structures and mechanisms of technological devices whose algorithms are in a “black box”?
How do we feel and sense the digital itself?

This workshop starts from these questions, and we will focus on a basic logic gate, NOT, which outputs 0 (or 1) from an input 1 (or 0). With a simple action of inverting, we will learn the structure of electric circuits and experience the process of transforming a digital signal into light, sound, and movement, ultimately transforming our thoughts and feelings of the digital.

We will use an 1-bit 「01_S.L」 kit and 「01_S.M.L」 kit to generate light, sound, and movement from the simple signal and to understand the basic principle of the digital. Finally, we will perform a physical, audiovisual “noise orchestra” together to create a “mess” of our senses.


– Computer (optional)
– Pen & paper (for sketching)
– Conductive materials (metal plate, toys, parts of anything that can find in everyday life)


Korean / English (support)

Duration: 1-Day