Youngho Lee

Youngho completed her Master’s Degree at Kunsthochschule für Bildende Künst in Frankfurt in 2006, studying in Simon Starling’s class. Living in Seoul and Berlin. The motif of her works is unearthed from visual devices, film and backgrounds of the social, historical episodes, which she reassembles or reconstructs through sampling or remixing, into images together with installations in the viewing space. She is now contemplating to create a special fantasy-theatre which can be offered as her own unique venue for the expansion of the perception of temporal and spatial experience that is familiar yet foreign. She had five solo exhibitions after the first solo show of 2005 in Germany and had been invited in numerous group shows and film screening festivals. She was invited to first solo Exhbition KunstForum, Floesheim, Germany, Staedel Museum, Frankfuert, Germany, Lulea summer Biennial, Sweden, Anita Becker Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany, The Old Ship Gallery, London, Songwoen Art Cernter, Seoul, Korea, Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea, Doosan Gallery, Seoul, Korea, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea.