Wonjung Shin / Diana Band

Along with Dooho Yi, Wonjung forms the interdisciplinary artist duo Diana Band. Established in 2010 and currently based in Seoul, they explore object design and media art, in order to find fantastic possibilities within everyday life. Wonjung considers herself an experimental researcher and an artistic inventor. She is interested in the subjects of common sense, Merleau-Ponty’s sensible objects, and networked community. Art is her delight and also a way of services toward the relationships around her. In other words, she believes and enjoys more in working with interactions between objects, not with self-oriented monologues. She has a bird’s eye view of the world in her mind and she loves to observe, discover, and distort/re-invent relations among humans and objects. Recently, her interests are expanding to include non-human actors (of Bruno Latour), like devices, tools and/or objects.