Olaf Bender

Olaf (aka Byetone), co-founded the original Rastermusic label with Frank Bretschneider and co-owns its evolution, Raster-Noton with Carsten Nicolai. He produces dark, visceral digital sound and visuals filled with noise and distorted melodics, combining a designer’s attention to symmetry with a lust for the shamanic. 2008 saw the release of Plastic Star, a noisy techno record that featured remixes from Sleeparchive and Dr. Walker. His acclaimed album, Death of a Typographer, followed soon after and ushered in a new period of live performance for Bender. Symeta, Bender’s third album, stepped more deeply into gritty power electronics and away from the pristine, austere aesthetic Raster-Noton is known for. His most recent musical project with Olaf Bender is called Diamond Version, which releases on the Mute Records imprint.