Karsten Schmidt

Karsten Schmidt is an award-winning London based computational designer and researcher merging code, design, art & craft skills. Originally from East Germany and starting in the deep end of the early 8-bit demo scene, for the past 25+ years he’s been adopting a completely transdisciplinary way of working and has been laterally involved in a wide range of creative disciplines. With his practice PostSpectacular, he’s been actively exploring current possibilities at the intersection of design, art, software development and education and applying this mixture hands-on to a variety of fields, from architecture, branding, digital fabrication, interactive installations, motion graphics & music. When not creating, he regularly travels the world consulting, lecturing and teaching workshops about code literacy, open source and employing code as creative tool. He is a prolific contributor to several large open source projects, was an early contributor to the Processing.org project and to several books about programming and graphic design. His work has been featured and exhibited internationally, including the MoMA New York, Design Museum, Barbican Centre and Victoria and Albert Museum, London.