Hyunkyung Lee

Lee Hyun is interested in the formative aesthetics of Korean traditional crafts, as well as the history and social relations of the time when the crafts were created, through which she intends to determine the differentiation factors of Korean arts. Accordingly, she discussed the beauty of the patterns and curves of metal crafts in ancient Silla in her doctoral study, and after that she has been studying traditional objects from the late Joseon period to the time of enlightenment. These objects are mostly products derived from the basic culture of Korea such as folk paintings, paintings of shamanistic spirits, yongsoopan(wooden pieces shaped like dragon heads attached to the front and back) of a funeral bier, jangseung(Korean traditional totem pole), and masks. She is seeking the collective and archetypal aspects and principles of formative arts in Korea through Korean arts and crafts, and is pondering over how they can be reproduced in the modern times again.