Hyojung Seo

Hyojung is a Seoul-based media artist and a professor at Samsung Art and Design Institute. Her work is focused on defamiliarizing the ordinary objects and spaces from a new perspective. By leading audience to participate in the process of making the work, she lays emphasis on the communication with audience. Thus, she creates opportunities to present her works in line with various workshops. Her workshops on interactive media were done in Japan, UK, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Australia and Korea. She also collaborates with many choreographers and musicians for the media performance. She is currently researching wearable user interface for future life and material computing from a creative approach. Recent her work museum of memories told by objects which borrowed the format of a museum was exhibited in Buenos-Aires (Argentina), Kita-Kyushu (Japan) and Kota-Kinabalu (Malaysia) with different versions. Her works have been shown at Ogaki Biennale (Japan), Kobe Biennale (Japan), Siggraph (US), and other festivals and venues. She was a participant in the international projects including Accented Body (Australia) and Art for share (Japan).