Hearyun Shim

Hearyun is a Professor of Science Studies, Chonbuk National University. Her researches and teaching mostly center on Walter Benjamin, media philosophy and aesthetics. There are many books and articles related to that topic. Representative books are Media-Philosophy of the 20th century: From analog to digital, 2012 and The aesthetics of cyberspace-era, 2006. And she has published several books with other researchers; German philosophy-the first reading, Science Technology and cultural art, Image of Urban Space and imagination, Walter Benjamin; Modernity and city, Matter and method of aesthetics, Understanding of Media Philosophy, and so forth. As a professional activity, she is a vice-president of Pan-Korean Philosophical Society, a committee – member of National Research foundation of Korea and an editorial Staff of the journal Epoch and Philosophy and City Humanities. She is currently writing a book titled Evolution of Aura, and envisioned a book on the media-philosophy in the 21st century.