Eunji Cho

Eunji is a Seoul-based artist, performer, video maker and also working as an artistic director. In her recent works, she activates the movement and inherent energy of urban remains, traces and suspended matters such as mud, stone and dust through performance, installation, situationist intervention and writing. Eunji focuses on the socio-psychological landscape of surface elements of the city interpreted by her own intuition and methodologies. Her artistic practice retains a minimalist approach to explore the ways in which certain objects are used in her works. She uses a range of media including drawing, video, performance and installation. Eunji’s works have been presented at exhibitions including “Walking Drifting Dragging“ at the New Museum in New York, the 1st AFRIperFOMA Biennale in Harare, Zimbabwe, and “Poem In Action” at RM Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand. She also has a female duo performance band, the Michelangelo Pistoletto Band, and sings about love and cities in various cities all over the world.