Ellen Pau

A self-taught video artist, Ellen’s debut Glove, a super-8mm video artwork, was made and screened internationally in 1984. Pau’s early works first appeared in local screening clubs and then resurfaced on the international arena starting in 1987. From there, Pau dedicated her life in video art to the development of media art in Hong Kong. In 1986, she founded Videotage, a media art collective in Hong Kong, with Wong Chi-fai, May Fung and Comyn Mo, aiming at creating an umbrella organization for media artists that facilitated artistic and cultural exchange and promoted video and media art in Hong Kong. Ellen is also the founding director and curator of the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, which celebrated its 18th Anniversary in 2014. Her single channel videos and video installation works have been extensively exhibited worldwide in film festivals and art biennials. In 2001, Recycling Cinema was selected and exhibited at the Hong Kong Pavilion in the 49th Venice Biennial.